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Food for Fitness

Category: Sports and exercise nutrition
Sports and exercise nutrition



Both athletes and non-athletes need the same nutrients . . . carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water, but they need to consume them in different quantities and proportions.

Carbohydrate, protein and fat (along with alcohol) provide energy. Vitamins and minerals do not provide energy, but are needed in very small amounts to enable the body to perform efficiently and effectively.

It is essential that the food you eat provides sufficient energy to fuel your sport. However, it is important that you obtain this energy from the right foods, to ensure you meet your requirements for vitamins and minerals, without gaining excess body fat. This booklet will advise you how to get the balance right.




Carbohydrate and fat are the 2 main fuels for exercising muscles. Even the leanest athletes have ample stores of fat, however, carbohydrate stores are limited.



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