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Re-Join the INDI

Where you previously an INDI member but have since let your membership lapse?

The INDI is open to all registered dietitians and the membership categories and subscription rates are outlined below:

  • Full Members living in Ireland: €360.00
  • Overseas Full Member: €100.00
  • Non Practising or Retired Member: €100.00
  • Transition Member: €200.00
  • Student Member: €50.00

For more information and an application form please email Claire or Rebecca at

Please note, you must be registered with CORU to apply for INDI Membership, for more information please visit

Re-joining Member Login

As a member who is re-going, you already have an account with us. If you are unsure of the details you can use the Username reset or the password reset.

TIP: Your username us usually your email address!

If you have any issue or query with your details, please contact Claire or Rebecca at