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Eating Well with Parkinson's Disease

Nutrition and Parkinson's

Nutrition and Parkinson’s Disease

We are delighted to launch a new booklet entitled 'Eating Well with Parkinson's Disease' which has been written by INDI registered dietitians working within the Older Person's Nutrition Interest Group. The authors have also had feedback on the booklet from a number of health care professionals including Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and also patients living with PD through the Parkinson's Association of Ireland, who were very happy to endorse the booklet.

Whilst there is no specific ’PD diet’, research to date is showing that healthy diets are beneficial to people living with PD. Diet can also play a role in improving some of the symptoms people with PD may experience such as:
• Unintentional weight loss or gain
• Chewing and swallowing difficulties
• Constipation
• Dehydration
• Osteopenia and osteoporosis

You should be referred to a Dietitian soon after your diagnosis and have ongoing reviews throughout your Parkinson’s journey. Your Dietitian can assist you with maintaining a healthy weight and muscle mass, ensuring good hydration status, and reducing your risk of constipation. Your Dietitian can help you to manage dietary issues related to your PD and advise on the best diet to maximise the effect of your PD medications.

Congratulations to Dietitians Emma Grant, Maria Lucey, Marie Hannon, and Richelle Flanagan for their work in bringing this important information booklet to fruition.

Click on the link below for the pdf of the 'Eating Well with Parkinson's Disease' booklet


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