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Really Healthy Granola

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Category: Breakfast


220g oats
80mls of oil: I use walnut or hazelnut, rapeseed or light olive oil would be next best
40mls honey or maple syrup or date syrup
3 tablespoons linseeds
4 tablespoons walnuts, chopped
A handful of dates, chopped or you could use other dried fruit, sultanas or whatever
A handful of dried flaked coconut, optional this is not the same as desiccated coconut, you
get this in the health food shop.

Really Healthy Granola Directions

  1. 1. Pour the oil and honey/syrup over the oats in a parchment lined roasting tin.
    2. Add in the linseeds and walnuts and coconut and toast in the oven at 150 o C for 30 minutes,
    giving a good toss every 10 minutes.
    3. The oats will crisp up as they cool. Don’t let them go brown. Add the dates when cool.
    This will keep for weeks, if it lasts that long. It’s nice as a cereal on its own with a bit of fruit, I usually
    have it with chopped fruit and yoghurt.


Serves 8

Nutrition facts

Per Serving

Kcal: 535 kcal
Kjoule: 2207 Kjoule
Fibers (g): 8.2g
Sodium (mg): 0.05mg
Carbs: 41g
Sugar (g): 11.7g
Fat: 35g
Saturated fat (g): 6.3g
Proteins: 9.3g

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