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Fitness to Practice is about finding out whether an individual Health and Social Care Professional is fit to practice. A complaint can be made for many reasons including;

  • Professional misconduct.
  • Poor professional performance.
  • A relevant medical disability which may affect a registrant’s ability to practice their profession.
  • A failure to comply with a term or condition of registration imposed following a previous fitness to practice hearing.
  • A failure to comply with an undertaking or to take any action specified in a consent provided to a Committee of Inquiry following a previous hearing.
  • A contravention of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended), the rules or byelaws.
  • A conviction in the State for an offence that may be tried on indictment (or an equivalent conviction outside the State).

Fitness to Practice begins when CORU receives a complaint about a registered health and social care professional.

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