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Recruiting Subjects: Appetite Study UCD

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UCD are leading an EU study in older subjects focused on appetite to prevent malnutrition

Focused on Poor Appetite Leading to Malnutrition in older people – UCD need to recruit older subjects >65/70y with poor appetite (they will do a phone based screen to determine this) to recruit into a dietary intervention study wherein they will be allocated to a plant protein dietary supplement with/out exercise intervention and will measure a range of parameters relating to appetite, malnutrition, immune function, etc.  

The 60 subjects in Dublin will be part of a larger study with colleagues in Germany, France and Italy.The study involves testing the effect of a plant protein supplement provided by research team, with/out a gentle exercise intervention, for 12 weeks.

A dietitian and sports scientist will help everyone complete the study.

People often don’t realise they have poor appetite, as it gradually declines with age (anorexia of ageing), illness, bereavements, etc.

Therefore, UCD are looking for older subjects who "don't enjoy food as much as they used to" or "don't eat as much/ as regularly as they used to".


There is a website that volunteers, or their relatives/carers, can sign up to:

or alternatively email or call 087 2166496

Paediatric Study Day 2022 - CHI/NIPDN/INDI

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The 2nd Joint Paediatric Study Day from Children's health ireland, NI Paediatric Dietitian's Network and INDI will talk place by Zoom on November 9th from 1-4pm. It is a not -to-be-missed  CPD event with a fantastic line up.

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**NEW FactSheets on Gastrointestinal Health

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We are delighted to announce that 4 fantastic new evidence based factsheets are now avaialable from the Gastrointestinal Interest Group (GIG) of the INDI. 

A subgroup of the GIG (the IBD Working Group) have completed 4 new resources for dietitians and patients:

  1. What is IBD and the importance of nutrition (for dietitians & patients)
  2. An overview of diets used in the management of adults with IBD (for dietitians & patients)
  3. What to do when experiencing a flare (for dietitians & patients)
  4. Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN) in Crohn's Disease (for dietitians only)

Thank you so much to all involved in producing these excellent factsheets. A huge amount of work goes into producing this information and we are very grateful to the volunteers who give their time to support colleagues and patients.

The Gastrointestinal Special Interest Group of the INDI must be credited in any use of these resources.

The 3 which are suitable for patients are available here:





Watch our 'Fitness to Practise and You' Webinar Here

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This online lunch time event was held on the 28th of September 2022 at 1 pm.

It  was free and open to all Health and Social care Professionals and over 600 registered. It can be watched back below and the presenters slides are also attached.

Thank you so much to our presenters on the day for sharing their expertise with us.

Please click on their names below to access copies of their slides.



Emerging INDI CPD Event 2022

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We are delighted to bring you this CPD event in association with the Emerging INDI.  Hear from dietetic colleagues in a wide range of roles, sharing their CPD journeys and lots of tips to help you complete your CPD portfolio in advance of CORU audit at the end of this year.

This event is free of charge for all INDI members and students. Cost of €25 for non-members. (Non-members will be contacted by the INDI office for payment once registered).

Click on the link below to register: