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Dietitians Added to Critical Skills Occupation List (Oct 2021)

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This information has been prepared by the INDI to make you aware of the fact that “dietitians” are now listed on Critical Skills Occupation List on the Dept of Enterprise, Trade and Employment website Critical Skills Occupations List - DETE (


This makes the recruitment process easier than previously when employing a dietitian who 

  1. Qualified as a dietitian outside of Ireland and/or 
  2. Requires a work permit and entry visa to work in Ireland.  (this may include a dietitian who qualified as a dietitian in Ireland as an international student, but who is a non EU citizen)


Step 1 

The applicant must be fully registered as a dietitian by CORU prior to proceeding any further in the recruitment process. If the person did not undertake the Irish dietetics courses, then they will have to undergo the 2 step process- 1) recognition of qualifications by the Dietitian Registration Board of CORU and 2) the CORU dietitian registration process. See  for more information. 


Step 2 

If a person is being offered a post as dietitian, and they are registered as a dietitian with the dietitian registration board of CORU, and if they require an Employment Permit to Work in the Ireland then see the following website for more information on employment permits HERE 


There is a step by step guide on the process for submitting an OnLine Employment Permit application at  Application may be submitted by the employer or the employee. However, if your employer has Trusted Partner Registration, then the employer must submit the employment permit application. You may contact your HR department for them to lead this process as the employer. If employer does not have Trusted Partner Status then a Standard Application would need to be submitted. 



  • the permit process should be submitted fully within 28 days or the paused application is deleted from the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS). 
  • The permit process should be undertaken about 12 weeks before the start date. As of mid October 2021, the permit applications for July 1 2021 are being processed, so about a 12 week backlog
  • passport details of the candidate are required (Passport must be 6 months in date at time of new application being submitted). 
  • a contract of employment signed by the employing organisation and the employee must be included in the application 
  • the duration of the contract must be a minimum of 2 years when applying for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. 
  • Ensure the signature pages of the application are submitted with application (check Workid number matches application form) 


Step 3 

  • When the above has been completed and employment permit has issued, then the requirement for applying for an entry visa should be undertaken (if applicable). See below for more information

Step 4 

·         On arrival into Ireland Non-EEA Nationals must register with the Irish Immigration Service see following link for more information Coming to work in Ireland - Immigration Service Delivery (


Apply for a Visa

Visa Requirements to Enter ireland

**Many thanks to Dietitian Manager Mary McKiernan for all her work on this important issue

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