Bord Iascaigh Mhara: Fish for Your Heart

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Heart Health

Fish for your heart


Did you know that fish helps to prevent heart disease? Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland, but people who eat fish can cut their risk of heart disease by up to 50%*. You need to eat fish at least once a week to get the full benefit for your heart. Fish has other benefits for your health and this is why nutritionists recommend that we eat fish twice a week and include at least one oil-rich fish.

How can fish help prevent heart disease?

Oil-rich fish is an excellent source of beneficial omega 3 fats. Your body cannot make these special fats, so you must eat foods with omega 3 fats regularly for good health. As few other foods contain omega 3 fats, fish is one of the best foods to eat. Omega 3 fats help to lower triglycerides and may help to lower cholesterol. Salmon, herring, trout, mackerel and sardines are all examples of oil-rich fish.

How can omega 3 fats help your heart?

They can:

• Help to lower triglycerides

• Help to stop blood clots blocking your arteries

• Help to keep the rhythm of your heart healthy

• May help to lower blood pressure

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